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The events of recent years have had a profound impact on the world of education and assessment. While the rapid proliferation of advanced technologies have opened the door to a remotely connected world, their promise and potential have been underscored by challenges, which bring their long-term viability into question. With sensitive data and the new technologies leveraged, one experiences new risks and challenges that have to be systematically managed and mitigated.

Join us for this special live masterclass as we discuss the future of AI in testing, unveil the next generation of remote assessment, and explore how programs can:

  • Leverage years of advancements made within AI to power a more secure and equitable exam experience
  • Deliver a full range of assessments powered from fully powered by AI to delivered with our in-center offerings, without duplicating test development efforts, and by using the same proven processes and experience, regardless of modality
  • Grow your program while providing candidates a seamless method for testing, regardless of when, where, and how they choose to test



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Prometric & 2021.AI Special Event: 

AI & The Future of Remote Assessment