Established in 1946 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) is a global organization with members in more than 140 countries. ASQ Certifications have been recognized for decades as a mark of quality excellence in many industries, impacting the careers of over 400,000 certified professionals worldwide. An ASQ certification helps candidates prove competency of relevant skills needed in order to advance their career, while better supporting their organization.




In transition of paper-based testing (PBT) to computer-based testing (CBT) across the globe, ASQ was facing challenges in China where PBT accounted for the largest part of revenue while its pre- exam training content was inconsistent with the one used throughout the rest of the globe.


In partnership with Prometric China, ASQ launched a new hybrid PBT/ CBT approach in China through enhancing local channel partner network and streamlining test delivery workflows aimed to increase brand awareness and test volume.

The Challenge

ASQ started business operations in China in 2006. In 2016, ASQ changed their exam delivery method from paper-based testing (PBT) to computer-based testing (CBT) at Prometric nationwide testing facilities. However, in China, ASQ was facing two critical challenges during this transition:

Partnership Strategy

In late 2020, ASQ came to an agreement with Prometric China for consulting services. Together, the two partners formed a project team specifically for ASQ’s China Program tasked to:

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The story of one program's success leveraging consistent exam content between PBT and CBT delivery in a bilingual context.

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The Prometric China team has been critical to helping ASQ understand the local market dynamics that have ultimately helped us grow our Certification business securely in China. Their expertise was critical for developing a successful local market expansion plan and helping us to execute our strategic plan for global growth. As a trusted partner, I appreciate their level of advance planning, attention to our customers' needs, mission to help us grow our business and willingness to go above and beyond what was asked of them.

Michael Byrnes

Executive Director Certification Operations American Society for Quality

At the time, 60% of ASQ China’s revenue relied on training and 80% of that volume came from paper-based testing. By changing the modality of their exams to CBT, ASQ was intent on growing this volume in order to maximize the value of their certifications.

Due to resource constraints within the China market specifically, curriculum for pre-exam training courses was not consistent with the one used throughout the rest of the globe, making it difficult to accurately measure competencies.

Build a channel partner network to enhance brand awareness and certification quality through maximizing existing and new partnerships in education, private and state-owned corporations, and government agencies.

Streamline the certification exam delivery workflows to minimize administrative burden and improve the candidate experience, supported by consistent displays of exam content across multiple delivery modalities and test venues.


ASQ China launched the new program in 2021, while simultaneously battling ongoing challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Step by step, the project team worked together to analyze issues and identify solutions, leading to the successful implementation of the new hybrid PBT/ CBT approach across the China market, resulting in:

Finalizing the addition of a CBT combined delivery strategy, giving candidates flexibility to select the delivery option that fits their individual needs with CBT exams being delivered in English and PBT exams being delivered in Mandarin Chinese.

Increasing test volume by 50% after the first exam administration window in the new format, with 80% growth after three administration windows.

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