In the heart of Ireland’s road safety mission stands the Road Safety Authority (RSA), the government agency responsible for driver licensing and testing in Ireland. The RSA holds the monumental task of reducing collisions, deaths, and injuries on Irish roads to enhance road safety for everyone.

Over the last 5 years, Ireland’s government introduced a new strategy to help achieve a better and safer environment for all. The Irish Government’s newly implemented Road Safety Strategy spans a decade, from 2021 to 2030, with the ambition to guide Ireland towards ‘Vision Zero.’ Vision Zero, delivered by the Safe System Approach, is a long-term goal to eradicate road traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2050. The Safe System Approach emphasizes the need to focus on all elements of the road traffic system to successfully improve road


As a part of the RSA’s mission, they are responsible for raising awareness of and promoting road safety with mass media campaigns and education programs. Through road safety research, driver testing and licensing, vehicle standards upkeep, road haulage enforcement functions, and more, the RSA is working to support the Road Safety Strategy by proactively qualifying people behind the wheel.

The Challenge

The 1970s was Ireland’s worst decade for road safety, where the country averaged 50 deaths per month. Excessive speed, alcohol, and drug-related collisions were responsible for roughly 1/3 of the leading causes of road-related deaths during that time. 

While 56% of driving deaths occur by drivers operating cars, 44% of deaths involve pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others, with peak fatality rates occurring from Friday to Sunday during evening hours. Car driving deaths have trended dramatically upward from ages 18 to 34 and peaked from ages 25 to 34, with additional pedestrian deaths emerging among people aged 65 and over.

Partnership Strategy

In 2001, in compliance with new European Union (EU) regulations, Ireland established a new Driver Theory Test (DTT) service to improve road safety, reduce the number of fatalities, and support its strategy for improving road safety. 

In order for the RSA to provide a reliable, robust, and recognized testing process, they needed a testing partner who could support them in scheduling and administering tests, delivering results, and creating appropriate learning materials for tens of thousands of test-takers.

After a public procurement process, the RSA chose Prometric as its testing partner to provide innovative, customer-focused assessment services. These services needed to be flexible and adaptable as the RSA was preparing to introduce a Graduated Diver Licensing system.

Before beginning the journey of elevating the RSA’s end-to-end testing experience and services, they outlined several goals to achieve:

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Tasked with reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries, the RSA turned to Prometric to help them revitalize their exa and instruction materials. The result has been the safest driving conditions in Ireland in the past 50 years!

Ireland Road Safety Authority Success Story


Since 2017, the RSA has been working with Prometric to deliver the DTT service exam in an expanded nationwide network of 40 fixed locations. Innovations include a new test engine, enhanced learning materials, and consultancy services for revising the theory item bank. New programmes for Approved Driving Instructors (ADI), Professional Drivers (CPC exams), and Emergency Services Drivers (ESDS exams) were also developed.

For the DTT, ADI, and CPC exams, the computer-based test format allows the RSA to flexibly deliver and update the exams in multiple languages to ensure that road safety reaches across language barriers. Candidates are now able to access 40 conveniently located fixed testing centres nationwide for the computer-based portions of testing. The userfriendly computer format (touch screen or mouse and keyboard) and tutorial presented at the beginning of each test allow candidates to focus on the content of the material and accurately measure their knowledge of standard driving theory and class-specific content to earn specialized licensing. Online access to exam scheduling and a comprehensive range of study materials, including a new App that features interactive learning aids and practice tests, adds another layer of convenience and service for candidates.

For the Irish government and the public, driving is safer now than at any time in the last 50 years. The RSA and Prometric fully implemented the large-scale testing programmes on time and within budget across all 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland, providing candidates with convenience and high-quality customer service.

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Beyond these statistics lies the reality that each number represents a cherished life lost prematurely, leaving behind shattered families, heartache, and despair. This constant stream of traffic accidents magnified the urgency for change in Ireland and the need for the RSA to help put a stop to these tragedies in an attempt to make all Irish roads safer.

Provide a customized candidate experience

Expand testing network and access for flexible exam delivery

Develop and manage exam item banks with different language options, standards setting, and psychometric analysis

Since the launch of the DTT service, over 2 million people have taken a computer-based DTT, reducing the number of annual road fatalities in Ireland by 64% since 2001. Prometric’s attention to detail and service excellence assisted the RSA in its successful launch and ongoing operation of the DTT service.

For the Irish government and the public, driving is safer now than at any time

in the last 50 years.

How the RSA is Saving Lives by Transforming Road Safety in Ireland

of driving deaths occur by drivers operating cars

of deaths involve pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others