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AI Item Generation Personalized to Your Program

Use Finetunes’ Advanced Artificial Intelligence to significantly increase productivity, test security, and to Finetune Item alignments to any framework.

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AI-Hybrid Remote Assessment

Three layers of live agents from check-in to completion, each supercharged with a multi-layered AI system built to constantly monitor candidate behavior and escalate potential issues for human review.

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Secure - Fair - Flexible


AI-Hybrid Test Development

Tap into psychometric expertise and advanced AI to significantly speed up content authoring, and deliver secure, fair, and flexible exams to any candidate, anytime, anywhere.

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Quality - Creativity - Speed


In-Center + AI-Remote Assessment

Finally, industry leading test-center delivery and AI-augmented remote assessment come together in a single solution. All with the full suite of tools, services, and integrations in the Prometric Achievement Platform.

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Robust - Powerful - Integrated


AI-Only + Record & Review

For programs who need flexibility and speed while still maintaining security. Leverage the power of AI anomaly detection during the exam, with options for managed or manual review of flagged incidents.

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Security - Flexibility - Speed

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Finetune Generate® AI helps you develop items up to 10x faster than humans alone

Closed-source AI like Finetune Generate® keeps your content protected from outside risks



Built for Test Developers by Psychometricians and Data Scientists

Powering Your Program with Innovative Technology

Improve Test

Combat cheating by compiling your item bank full of novel items and more frequently updated content.



Kick off the creative process by producing net-new content and items for your SMEs to quality check.


Speed Up Authoring

Let AI give your team a head start so you can decrease the time it takes to author items from scratch by up to tenfold.

Pioneering the Charge of AI

Steve Shapiro, a serial entrepreneur, and three-time founder in the education technology and workforce training industries, partnered with AI-driven industry leader Simmy Ziv-el and renowned psychometric expert Sara Vispoel, bringing you the ultimate team-leading AI innovation.

It's not just about the technology, but more about connecting the dots between why a candidate is taking an assessment and how that relates to their overall career goals.

The next chapter in Assessment using advanced AI is going to be figuring out what is trustworthy and  secure and can help our industry versus what seems cool but is merely a plug-in and not reliable for high stakes assessments.

Build more questions, more exam forms, or refresh current content

SMEs ensure validity, quality and fairness

AI targets any level of cognitive complexity and test blueprint

Benefit from an AI interface designed specifically for assessments

Expert support and innovative AI power your team’s creativity, efficency and expand your program’s capabilities

No matter the context, I am particularly passionate about anchoring tech with principled design to build in measurement best practices and validity of inferences coming from AI-enabled tools.

Bigger Bank, Faster Speed, Built Just for You

Our AI experts work with your program materials to build a custom AI model that aligns with your exam blueprint. From there, Finetune Generate helps your SME’s develop higher-quality items faster, allowing you to focus more on time creating the most effective assessment.

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Steve Shapiro

Chief Assessment Officer

Simmy Ziv-El

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Sara Vispoel

Chief Assessment & Learning Officer